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Tunable Resonating Inductors

TRI-12-1 / TRI-15-3 / TRI-30-1

The tunable resonating inductor is an essential accessory used in conjunction with Capacitance and Tan-Delta test sets to expand the capacitance range of the test sets. The tunable resonating inductor is connected in parallel with the internal power supply of the test set and the test object. Tuning the resonating inductor varies the inductance to tune the parallel circuit for minimum resistive load current to be taken from the source, while a majority of inductive current negates the capacitive current requirement of the test object.

The tunable resonating inductor is epoxy molded to avoid effect of atmospheric conditions on the insulation capacity of the coil. The body comprises of a welded steel frame with thick Aluminum panels designed to keep the weight low but withstand the rigors off field operation. TRI series can also be connected to HIPOT HV units, in similar configurations, with necessary changes in a few connections so as to be able to reflect correctly on the current measuring modules and overcurrent protection on the main units.

Ordering Code TRI-12-1 TRI-15-3 TRI-30-1
Application - Test object
< 11kV Cables Motors / Generators
< 22kV Long-run Cables Motors / Generators
Motors / Generators
Application - Test types
C&DF test / HIPOT
C&DF test / HIPOT
HIPOT test
Max test volage
12 kV AC RMS
15 kV AC RMS
30 kV AC RMS
Max object Capacitance (μF)
1.2 μF {@ 50 Hz} 1 μF {@ 60Hz}
3.6 μF {@ 50 Hz} 3 μF {@ 60Hz}
1.2 μF {@ 50 Hz} 1 μF {@ 60Hz}
Min object Capacitance (μF)
0.06 μF {@ 50 Hz} 0.05 μF {@ 60Hz}
0.12 μF {@ 50 Hz} 0.10 μF {@ 60Hz}
0.06 μF {@ 50 Hz} 0.05 μF {@ 60Hz}
Duty Cycle
15 min ON, 45 min OFF
15 min ON, 45 min OFF
15 min ON, 45 min OFF
Shielded HV Connector/Cable
Dimensions (L×W×H) in/cm
29"× 21"× 37" (74×53×94) cm
30"× 24"× 42" (76×61×107) cm
35"× 30"× 50" (89×76×162) cm
Shipping Dimensions (cm)
87×67×127 cm
90×75×140 cm
105×90×162 cm
Net Weight (kg)
172 kg
207 kg
245 kg
Shipping weight (kg)
225 kg
255 kg
285 kg
Operating temperature
+5 to 50 °C
+5 to 50 °C
+5 to 50 °C
  • Based on customer’s request, the equipment is supplied with connections such that the Inductor Return cable can be directly coupled to the following C&DF test sets.

    • Power Electronical HVTD series

    • Megger Delta4100 series

    • Megger Alpha 10 series

    • Doble M4000 series

    • Midas 2880/2881 series

    • Eltel ACTS-12K

  • For use along with Capacitance & Tan-Delta test sets & Hi pot test sets to expand range of measurements for large capacitance objects like Rotating Machines (Generators & Motors) and XLPE HV Cables

  • Reduces HV Power Source capacity needs by almost90%

  • Eliminates need for multiple fixed reactors in parallel and need for know-how of approximate capacitance before testing.

  • Provides optimum power balance

  • Designed to be compact and light-weight to be transported for field testing

  • Dual-spindle gear mechanism with auto balancers for variation mechanism ensures smooth operation through-out its usable life

  • Available in voltage variants of 12kV, 15kV and 30kV

  • Available for compensating Capacitances from 0.0SuF to 3uF

  • Indicator level indicates position of variable arm, and also approximate capacitance

  • HV-shielded cables and connectors, for safe operation.

  • Large heavy duty rubber lined wheels for noise-less movement thro shop floor.

  • Locking arrangement also provided

  • Resonating Inductor – 1 unit

  • Double Shielded HV cable 10m with shielded connector and heavy alligator clip – 1 no

  • Shielded LV cable 10m with end connector and heavy alligator clip – 1 no

  • Ground/ Earth cable 10m with end clip and small alligator clip – 1 no

  • User Manual & Test Certificate – 1 set

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