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Manufacturing High Voltage Testing Equipment
Testing & Analysis of High Voltage Electrical Equipments

High Voltage Testing Equipment

Certified High Voltage & Dielectric Testing Equipment Manufacturing

Transformer Oil BDV Testing Kits

Transformer & Dielectric Oil Breakdown Voltage (Dielectric Strength) testers

Capacitance & Tan Delta Testing Kits

Electrical Capacitance and Dissipation factor (Tan Delta) measuring tester and kits

Oil Dissipation Factor & Resistivity Testing Kits

Dielectric Oil Resistivity & Tan Delta measuring tester and kits

High Voltage Testing Kits (HIPOT Testers)

AC/DC High Voltage and Dielectric Strength measuring testers and kits

Tunable Resonating Inductors

Range extending accessory used in conjunction with Capacitance & Tan Delta kits


Specific Instrument and Application required Calibrating kits for maintaining accuracy

Our Services

We cater to many areas of EHV/HV electrical sector

RLA / Diagnostic Testing Of Transformer

Condition monitoring ,Testing & Analysis Services for all types of Power, Distribution and Instrument transformers

RLA / Diagnostic Testing of Motor and Generator

Condition monitoring, overhauling & CO2 cleaning of HV/MV Motors & Generators

Condition Monitoring Of Switchyard Equipment

Testing, Analysis & Overhauling of all types of HV/EHV Switchyard Equipment

Condition Monitoring Of Transformer Oil

Testing & Analysis of Transformer & Dielectric Oil in our NABL Accredited stationary lab. On-site oil testing with our (NABL) mobile lab.

Diagnostic Testing of Power Cables

Online & Offline testing with condition assessment of power cables

Electro-Technical Calibration Lab

Calibration services of High Voltage, Insulation Testers, Capacitance & Dissipation factor meter, High Resistance in accordance to ISO/IEC 17025:2005

Channel Partners

Authorized Channel Partners/Distributors/Dealers for various EHV/HV Products & Services

Hitachi Energy India

Authorized Channel partner of Hitachi Energy (formerly known as ABB) in all over India, and also an authorized dealers for all EHV and MV products.

Power Monitoring And Diagnostic Technology Ltd.

Authorized Distributors of PMDT Products and Services in India.

OFIL Systems

Authorized Dealers & Distributors of OFIL Systems Products in India.

Zero System Failures & Breakdowns

By Testing & Analyzing the system components/equipment we assess their condition and based on this preventive actions are taken, which results in better reliability of the system and also prevent the major and costly breakdowns/failures.

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Certified & Accredited

We are ISO & CE Certified having NABL Accredited Labs

Leading-edge technology

National & International standard testing equipment

Qualified & Professional

Expert & Skillful team with decades of experience

Best Customer Support

Prioritized customer satisfaction & service

Trusted By

Major national & international organizations

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