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Manual Capacitance & Tan-Delta Tester


PE-HVTD-12/100 is a manually operated capacitance & tan-delta test system with inbuilt 12 kV AC power source measurement bridge and a reference SF6 gas filled standard capacitor.

The compact design of the system uses the principle of three winding differential transformer on a high permeability mu-metal core to measure the capacitance & tan-delta of the object accurately. The system is provided with high voltage protection devices, and contained in a sturdy metallic housing with mu-metal lining which shields it from external electromagnetic & electrostatic influences. Built-in battery powered null indicator makes the system suitable for operation in workshop, factories, high voltage switch yards etc. It is suitable for both grounded as well as ungrounded objects.

The instrument is calibrated in our NABL accredited test laboratory which delivers results traceable to national standards.

  • Input power required- 230V AC, 50 Hz± 10% (110V, 60Hz available on special request)

  • Voltage Range- 0-12kV

  • Leakage Current- 100mA Continuous 200mA, short term for less than 15 min

  • Voltage Indication- 3½ digit Digital Panel Meter (DPM)

  • Resolution- 10 V

  • Accuracy- ± 1 % of the reading, ± 2 digit

  • Standard Capacitor- Sf6 Gas filled, 1 00pf ± 1 % , Tan ~ s 1 X 10∧-4

  • Modes for testing- UST (Ungrounded Specimen Test) GST (Grounded Specimen Test) GSTg (Grounded Specimen Test

    with Guard)

  • The system is provided with high voltage protection devices which protect the system and operator against failure of test object or standard capacitor.

  • Zero start control

  • HT ON/OFF Indication Lamp

  • Open Ground Indication Lamp

  • All operating controls are at earth potential

  • HT Cut Off on overload

  • The set consists of heavy shielded HV transformer with required tappings and current ranges.

  • Necessary controls, protective circuits, feeding transformer, guard circuit and auxiliary bridge eliminate every bit of stray capacitance.

  • Transformer testing

  • Testing Bushings, CTs, PTs, etc. at substations

  • Testing Rotating machines (LV Motors/Generators) on-site

  • Test leads (HV, LV, Gnd.) – 1 set (20mtrs length)

  • Connecting AC mains cable – 1 no

  • User manual – 1 no

  • Test certificate – 1 no

  • Warranty Certificate – 1no (Standard warranty 1 yr)

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