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RLA / Diagnostic Testing Of Transformer

Transformers are the most vital & expensive parts of electrical generation & distribution systems. Thus periodical testing & analysis of a transformers is carried out to ensure smooth and breakdown free functioning of it. We offers various transformer online and offline testing services with precise and reliable assessment for power, distribution, and Instrument transformers

Transformer testing is done for maintaining the specifications and performance of an electrical power transformer. The transformer is the main part of an electrical generation/distribution system so if it is not working properly then it will affect the whole generation/distribution system. Hence it is very important to make sure its perfectly fine for which periodical testing and maintenance is required.

The need for transformer testing is to check the functioning of the transformer and to decrease the chance of failure. All electrical equipment needs to be maintained safely from some of the failures. Transformer failure can happen because of electrical, thermal, or mechanical factors. Insulation breakdown will also cause transformer failure.

We offer various transformer routine and special testing services with precise and reliable assessment for Power transformers, Distribution transformers, and Instrument transformers.

On Line Testing

  • Partial Discharge Measurement And Localization
  • Thermography
  • On Line Moisture Content Measurement
  • Transformer Oil ( Screening, DGA and Furan ) Test

Off Line Testing

  • Dielectric Frequency Response Analysis [ DFR ]
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis Measurement
  • Capacitance And Tan Delta Measurement Of Transformer
  • Transformer Turns Ratio Measurement
  • Magnetic Balance Measurement
  • Excitation Current Measurement
  • Static Winding Resistance Measurement
  • Dynamic Winding Resistance Measurement for OLTC
  • Insulation Resistance And Polarization Index Measurement
  • OTI And WTI Meter Calibration
  • Functional Checking Of Protection Devices Like PRV, Buchholz Relay, MOG,OTI, WTI

We provide transformer oil testing & analyzing services with our NABL accredited stationary oil testing lab. And not only that we also provide emergency on site transformer oil testing services with our NABL accredited Mobile Lab

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