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Manual Oil Resistivity & Dissipation Factor Tester


PE‐ORDF‐2 is a manually operated oil resistivity & dissipation factor test set. It is a combination of 3 instruments, which can be applied to measure resistance & dissipation factor of the oil under test. The volume resistivity of insulating oil is derived from the measured value of resistance.

It is 3‐piece set, consisting of the Heater unit (and stainless steel oil cell), Million‐mega‐ohm meter, and the dissipation factor bridge to derive the readings. The insulation resistance testing instrument is available in max test voltages of 500 V DC and 1000 V DC, and can be ordered accordingly. Voltages lower than them are available to be set from the front panel via the selector switch

Input / Output

  • Power Supply- Single Phase AC 180V‐250V, 50 Hz (110V 60Hz model available on request)

  • Voltage output (IRT)- DC 500V, 250V & 100V selectable

  • Voltage output (DFM)- Variable 0‐500V AC

  • Output Voltage accuracy- 1%

  • Output Current (IRT)- 5mA max

Measured Parameters

  • Resistance Range- 10MΩ to 10TΩ

  • Resistance Accuracy- 2% of reading from 10MΩ to 10GΩ, 5% of reading from 10GΩ to 10TΩ

  • Volume Resistivity-0.00621 x 1012 Ω/cm to 621 x 1012 Ω/cm (calculation formulas given in operation manual)

  • Tan Delta (DF) range- In two ranges 19.99% & 199.9%

  • DF Resolution- 3 ½ digital display


  • Coil heater- 500W max

  • Temperature Range- ambient to 150°C

  • Temperature error- 2%

  • Sensing element- PT‐100 probe

  • Display- 3 ½ digital read‐out

  • Time to 90°C- < 20 mins

3‐terminal Oil Cell 2kV specifications

  • Material- Stainless Steel

  • Insulation Material- Teflon

  • Max test voltage- 2500V AC / 1500V DC

  • Cell Capacitance- 55pF + 5%

  • Cell Volume- 50ml (approx.)

  • Max Operating Temp- 150°C


  • Storage Temp- -20°C to +60°C

  • Operating Temp- -10°C to +50°C

  • Humidity- < 90% non‐condensing


  • Set of- 4 pieces (Heater, IR tester, DF meter & SS Oil Cell 2kV)

  • Gross Weight- 40kgs (including accessories), except packing

  • Wide measurement range

  • Completely solid state circuitry, hence drift‐free operations

  • Completely protected against all overloads and short‐circuits

  • Suitable for testing “Earthed” samples

  • High power coil heating, precision point control implemented

  • Adjustable temperature from ambient to 150°C

  • Separate visual push buttons for “Charge” & “Discharge” for rapid and safe testing

  • Can implement testing as per ASTM D924, IEC60247, IS6262/6103 test methods

  • Rugged, reliable, and inexpensive instrument set to measure critical oil parameters

Testing various electrical properties and specifications of insulating dielectric oils such as:

  • Resistance

  • Resistivity

  • Capacitance

  • Power Factor

  • Tan-delta

  • Watt-loss

  • Dielectric Constant

  • Temperature

  • Stainless Steel Oil cell – 1 no

  • Calibrator box PE‐CCD‐3 – 1 no

  • Connecting AC mains cable – 3 nos

  • User manual – 1 no

  • Test certificate – 1 no

  • Warranty Certificate – 1no (Standard warranty 1 yr)

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