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Semi-Automatic Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester


PE-SOBDV-100 is a semi-automatic transformer oil breakdown voltage testing kit. The kit is a highly precise and accurate instrument which can perform both breakdown voltage test as well as proof (withstand) test.

Semi-automatic Oil Breakdown Voltage tester is is  designed as the middle range product lies between fully automatic  and  manual  BDV for the customers who accepts  the fully automated features with some limitation.

The Oil BDV test kit can operate with any one prefix standard  loaded as per customer requirement.

This test gives final results as per standard  test procedure and the result will display after completion. This result will remain till unit is powered. Also customer can use this Oil BDV test kit in Manual mode and can select stand time, intermediate time, stirring time , HV on as per own accord(Custom Test ).

Input / Output

  • Input Power Supply- Single Phase AC 200-250V, 50/60Hz

  • Output- 0-100 kVA AC, 61 Hz

  • Capacity- 100 KVA


  • Display- OLED

  • Operation- Keypad Control

  • Accuracy- ±1 kV

  • Automatic Voltage Ramp Rate- 2kV/sec (approx.)

  • Resolution- 0.1 kV

  • Stirring Speed- 290-300 RPM

  • Trip Time- 10-20 µS

  •  Variac- Electronic


  • Operating Temp- -10°C to +60°C

  • Humidity- < 90% non-condensing


  • Size- 638 mm(L)×320 mm(W)×458 mm(H)

  • Gross Weight- 40 kgs (including accessories), except packing

  • World’s only “True BDV set”…measures HV secondary voltage across Oil vessel electrodes, instead of across HV primary

  • Attractive metal cabinet with transparent dome.

  • Smooth operation from zero potential to FSV with digital inverter technology (Test frequency – 61 Hz)

  • Epoxy casted, long life HV transformer for reliable lifelong operation.

  • Rapid Response to trip (<10 micro seconds). It is essential to ensure reliable and repeatable tests.

  • Easy clean test chamber with oil drain.

  • Need less time for testing as no moving parts like variac which take time to come back to zero volt position.

  • HV chamber interlock for operator protection

  • Precise HV trip voltage measurement.

  • Open Ground interlock for equipment and operator protection.

  • Non-contact magnetic stirring having RPM (280-300) as per IEC.

  • Can be used to test any one Standard specimen and also manual operation as required.

  • Highest level of RFI/EMC shielding in a rugged design.

  • Included with anyone standard given below as required:
    IEC 60156, ASTM D877, ASTM D1816, UNE 21, BS 148, BS 5874, VDE 0370, NFC27, CE1344, OCT 6581, SABS 555, AS 1767, STA 8286, IP 295 standard test sequences.

  • Testing dielectric strength/breakdown voltage of transformer oil

  • Testing dielectric strength/breakdown voltage of any other dielectric/insulating oil used in HV Capacitors, XLPE Cables and Switchgear

  • Oil vessel- 1 nos.

    • PE-BDVOV-A-Oil vessel with Mushroom Electrodes or,

    • PE-BDVOV-B-Oil vessel with Spherical Electrodes or,

    • PE-BDVOV-C-Oil vessel with Cylindrical Electrodes

  • go-no go gauge (as per choice of Oil vessel)- 1 nos

  • Connecting AC mains cable- 1 nos.

  • Magnetic Lifting Stick- 1 nos.
  • User manual- 1 nos.

  • Test certificate- 1 nos.

  • Warranty Certificate- 1 nos. (Standard warranty 1 yr)

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