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Mobile Oil Testing Laboratory

Now things are changed and we need to take decisions instantly, we are growing and we do not have time to wait until 1 month for getting test results of my very important asset like Transformer. We don’t need only result on site but we need results with interpretation and with trending so that we are able to take quick decisions. If you are facing such problems then we have the solution with POWER ELECTRONICAL. We have NABL accredited Mobile Oil Testing Laboratory for your 24 X 7 emergency service. Our lab is having all the facility

Our NABL Accredited Oil Testing Laboratory able to visit your plant.

  • Mobile Oil Testing Van equipped with well convergent Technicians who specially trained for Oil sampling as per IS Standard.
  • Mobile Oil Testing Lab equipped with Oil Testing Engineer as well, who is able to do the Oil Testing as per IS Standards and analyze the results.
  • Our Mobile Oil Testing lab able to do the following testing on site and as per relevant standards.
  • You can able to Monitor Oil Testing.
  • If any abnormal results found during testing then you can repeat the testing of particular oil sample immediately, so your repeatability will be increase and you can get the reliable results.
  • We have DGA testing facility with Auto sampler method (Method C) which is worldwide approved and acceptable (Without human error). In India only we have such facility of DGA testing.
  • Normally you can get Oil Testing Reports after 15 to 30 days in conventional process, but here you can get the results on site itself.
  • We are maintaining pervious Oil Testing data in our data base for our regular customers, so in this way you are able to get Trend Analysis on site itself.
Sr no. Parameters IEC ASTM IS
Breakdown Voltage
IEC 60156
D-877 (Disk Electrodes)
IS 6792
D-1816 (VDE Electrodes)
Water Content
IEC 60814
D-1533 B
IS 13567
Acidity (Neutralization Value)
IEC 62021-2
IS 16863 [P-2]
Dielectric Dissipation Factor
IEC 60247
IS 6262
IEC 60247
IS 6103
Interfacial Tension (Ring Method)
ISO 6295
IS 6104
Flash Point (PMCC)
ISO 2719
IS 1448 [P-21]
ISO 3675
IS 1448 [P-16]
Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)
IEC 60567- Headspace Sampling
D-3612- Method 'C'
IS 9434- Toepler Pump