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Switchyard Equipment Testing & Analysis

Switchyard is a switching station which is the main link between the generating plant and the transmission system. It can be considered as the heart of the power plant, the generated power will only be worthy if it can be transmitted and received by the consumers. Switchyard is a junction which carries the generated power to the destination, it plays a major part in the security of the system, it can control the reactive power devices which plays a major role in power quality. It is mostly an assemblage of switches, power circuits, breakers, and the auxiliary equipment which is used to collect power from the generators at the power plant and then it will be distributed to the transmission lines at a load point. Switchyard makes available the generated power at the plant to the people. The power generated at a power station is transmitted via a switchyard. When there is sudden damage outside the plant switchyard can protect the plant. A Switchyard consists of many equipment such as Current transformer (CT), Voltage transformer (VT), Lightning arrester (LA), Power transformers, Isolators support structure, Circuit breaker (CB), Wave traps, Earthing switch, Bus bar etc.

Thus ensuring their condition and proper operation is very important, Power Electronical has a vast experience in switchyard equipment testing analysis erecting and commissioning of them. We are also channel partners of ABB India. We conduct various tests on these equipment which can be mainly categorized into two i.e. Online Mode and Offline mode.

  • Partial Discharge Measurement (For All Switchyard Equipment)
  • Leakage Current Measurement (Only For LA)
  • Thermography (For All MV/EHV Equipment)
  • Capacitance And Tan Delta Measurement
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Ratio, Knee Point Voltage, Polarity, RCT (Only For CT/PT/CVT)
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis And Sampling (Only For CT/Bushing)

Off Line Testing- Circuit Breaker

  • Capacitance And Tan Delta Measurement
  • Insulation Resistance Measurement
  • Dynamic Contact Resistance Measurement (DCRM)
  • Static Contact Resistance Measurement (CRM)
  • Timing Measurement
  • SF6 Gas Dew Point Measurement
  • SF6 Gas Leakage Test
  • Vacuum Interrupter Test (VIDAR- Only For VCB)
  • Functional Check (Remote Trial)