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MV/HV Cable Testing & Analysis

A cable test is an electrical test and it can be the simple validation of two wires in an antenna cable or the harness of a plane including more than 60.000 connection points. In-between a variety of different applications for all kinds of industries find their place. The test specification can be the validation of a (galvanic) connection, the correct assignment of the individual wires or the test with high voltage to identify failures in the insulation, but also the verification of electrical and electromechanical components and sub-assemblies in cable harnesses. Power Electronical conducts various tests for precise assessment of MV/HV power cables and provides with accurate analysis of your Power Cables.

Partial discharge is best described as a failure of part of an insulation system to withstand the electrical field applied to it. This can be a result of poor design, poor workmanship, defective materials, contamination, or aging. The result of this failure is a high-frequency, unipolar discharge and accompanying current that flows through and on the insulation from the conductor to ground. This current pulse is low energy due to its short (microsecond) duration, but it can negatively affect the insulation and eventually cause catastrophic failure. Thus it is very crucial to perform a partial discharge measurement and localization test of the cable and as the name of the category says this test is conducted when the cable is up and running.

  • Partial Discharge Measurement And Localization

To ensure the optimal results various tests are conducted to obtain the numerous parameters like dielectric strength, voltage withstand capacity etc. these tests are to be done when the cables are offline as he name of the category says. following are the tests performed by Power Electronical to ensure precise and reliable analysis and assessments of the cables:

  • Capacitance And Tan Delta Measurement
  • Very Low Frequency (VLF) Testing
  • Partial Discharge Measurement And Localization
  • HV-DC Test
  • Insulation Resistance And Polarization Index Measurement