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Motorized Oil Breakdown Voltage Test System


PE-LOBDV-MXXX are series of motorized transformer oil breakdown voltage testers. These transformer oil BDV test kits are highly precise and accurate instruments used to perform breakdown voltage (BDV) test on transformer oil. These transformer oil BDV kits comes with inbuilt high AC voltage generating unit, and are available in different maximum test voltages such as :

  • PE-LOBDV-M060 : 60 kV
  • PE-LOBDV-M080 : 80 kV
  • PE-LOBDV-M100 : 100 kV

Input /Output

  • Power Supply- Single Phase AC 200V-250V 50 Hz
  • Voltage output
    • PE-LOBDV-M100- 0-100kV AC
    • PE-LOBDV-M080- 0-80kV AC
    • PE-LOBDV-M060- 0-60kV AC

Display- 3 ½ Digital display

Output Voltage accuracy- 2% of readout

Output Voltage resolution- 0.1 kV (100V)

Automatic voltage ramp rate- approx. 2kV/sec

Trip Current- 20mA max


Operating Temp- -10°C to +50°C

Humidity < 75% non-condensing


  • Size- 450mm(W) × 450mm(D) × 400mm(H)
  • Gross Weight- 45kgs (including accessories)
  • Smooth operation from zero potential to FSV with motorized (Automatic) operation
  • Epoxy casted, long life HV transformer for reliable life long operation
  • Accurate & fast trip on breakdown
  • HV chamber interlock, Zero Start interlock, Overload & Short-Circuit interlock for operator protection
  • Precise HV trip voltage measurement, voltage hold after trip
  • Open Ground interlock, Reset interlock for equipment protection
  • Non-contact magnetic stirring
  • Digital display output, with display hold on trip
  • Can be used to test specimen as per IS 6792, IEC 60156
  • Test equipment – 1 no
  • Oil vessel with: Mushroom/Spherical/Cylindrical Electrodes – 1 set
  • Magnetic Stirrer – 1 no.
  • 2.5mm go-no go gauge – 1 no
  • Connecting AC mains cable – 1 no
  • User manual – 1 no
  • Test certificate – 1 no
  • Warranty Certificate – 1no (Standard warranty 1 yr)

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