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Automatic Oil Breakdown Voltage Test System


PE-AOBDV-MXXX are series of fully automatic transformer oil breakdown voltage testers. These transformer oil BDV kits are highly precise instrument used to conduct breakdown voltage test and oil voltage withstand test (proof test). PE-AOBDV-M series transformer oil BDV kits are able to perform both these test with high precision and accuracy.

These kits come in different variants depending on their maximum test voltage :

  • PE-AOBDV-M060 : 60 kV
  • PE-AOBDV-M080 : 80 kV
  • PE-AOBDV-M100 : 100 kV

Input / Output

  • Power Supply-
    • Single Phase AC 200V-250V,or Single Phase AC 90V-150V
  • Voltage output-
    • for M100, 0-100kV (variable in steps of 100V for proof test)
    • for M080, 0-80kV (variable in steps of 100V for proof test)
    • for M060, 0-60kV (variable in steps of 100V for proof test)
  • BD Voltage accuracy- ±1% + 2 digits (“True BDV test”)
  • BD Voltage resolution- 0.01 kV (10V)
  • Trip Current- programmable from 5mA to 20mA, in steps of 1mA

Safety systems

  • Interlock for Zero start
  • Interlock for HT cover open
  • Auto trip and reset

Programmable Parameters

  • Stand time- 0 to 99 mins
  • Stirring Time- 0 to 99 mins
  • Intermediate stand time- 0 to 99 mins
  • Trip Current- 5 to 20 mA, 1mA step
  • Voltage Ramp-up- 0.5kV/sec to 5kV/sec
  • Sequence Repetition- 1 to 99 times


  • Operating Temp- -10°C to +60°C
  • Size- 490mm(W) × 470mm(D) × 450mm(H)
  • Humidity < 90% non-condensing


  • Gross Weight- 45kgs (including accessories), except packing
  • Available in 100kV (M100), 80kV (M080) and 60kV (M060) versions.
  • World’s only “True BDV set”…measures HV secondary voltage across Oil vessel electrodes, instead of across HV primary
  • Complete Automatic operation. Just select and Start!
  • Input overvoltage protection
  • “Most accurate test set”. ±1% Accuracy. 0.01kV resolution
  • Programmable Stand, Stir and Intermediate stand times from 0-100 min
  • Repetitive test sequence (up to 99 iterations)and average readings (from first to last)
  • Proof test possible with 5 break sequences
  • User and object information included
  • Non-contact magnetic stirring
  • Touch panel, Backlit big LCD screen for comfortable user interface
  • Programmable voltage ramp rate from 0.5kV/sec to 5kV/sec to meet requirements of all regional standards
  • Integrated thermal Printer
  • Vacuum cast resin HV transformer designed for min 100K test cycles
  • Internal memory for 100 test data storage and recall via USB port
  • Programmable 5 custom test sequences as per requirement
  • High Voltage 100kV digital meter ±1% accuracy available for on-site calibration
  • Poor ground rejection
  • Included IEC 60156, ASTM D877, ASTM D1816, UNE 21, BS 5730a, BS 148, BS 5874, VDE 0370, NFC 27, CE1344, OCT 6581, SABS 555, AS 1767, STA 8286, IP 295 standard test sequences
  • PE-BDVOV-A/B/C-Oil vessel with Mushroom/Spherical/Cylindrical Electrodes- 1 set
  • go-no go gauge (as per choice of Oil vessel)- 1 no
  • Connecting AC mains cable- 1 no
  • Printer roll- 1 no (already loaded)
  • User manual- 1 no
  • Test certificate- 1 no
  • Warranty Certificate- 1 no (Standard warranty 1 yr)

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