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Manual High Voltage Tester AC/DC [up to 500kV, 500mA]



Power Electronical PE-HVT-MXX/YYY series of HIPOT testers is a customizable test system according to customer requirements. It comes at a cost-effective price but are build to accurately test the Breakdown voltage of Insulation Dielectric, while ensuring that the user safety is never compromised. Power Electronical HIPOT testers come in the largest variety of options AC, DC, AC&DC, and in a variety of Voltage (up to 500kV) and Current (up to 500mA) levels, to cater to different requirements of customers


  • Continuously variable High Voltage, manual / motorized version configurable
  • Testing at line frequency
  • Pure Sine wave output, distortion-free
  • Option of AC o/p or DC o/p
  • Variable current trip levels 10% to 100% of maximum
  • High Accuracy of 2% over entire test range.
  • Safety features like ground check, zero start interlock and automatic trip on flashover
  • Timer built-in for testing objects at HV for predetermined time