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Automatic High Voltage Tester AC/DC



  • Max Voltage 0‐500kV (continuously variable)
  • Selectable AC o/p, DC o/p. DC polarity reversal possible
  • Programmable current trip levels 10% to 100% of maximum
  • World’s only “True HV-HIPOT set”…measures very HV secondary voltage across output terminal, instead of across HV primary
  • Complete Automatic operation. Just select and Start!
  • “Most accurate test set”. 1% Accuracy over entire test range.
  • Very high Resolution 0.01% of FSV of voltage
  • Leakage current measurement from 100pA to FSV of current
  • Insulation Resistance (IR) value measurement
  • Polarization Index (PI) test facility
  • Programmable test time 0‐99 mins
  • Programmable voltage ramp rate from 1kV/sec to 5kV/sec
  • Proof/Voltage withstand test possible with 10 break sequences
  • Repetitive test sequence (up to 10 iterations) and average readings (from first to last), min, max and standard deviation.
  • Safety features like ground check, zero start interlock and automatic reset incorporated for user safety
  • User and object information included
  • Touch panel, Backlit color LCD screen for comfortable user interface
  • Integrated thermal Printer
  • Internal memory for 100 test data storage and recall via USB port
  • Programmable 25 custom test sequences as per requirement
  • Remote user terminal available optionally, with operating distance range of 50m
  • High Voltage 500kV digital meter (PE‐HVM‐500) 1% accuracy available optionally for on‐site calibration


Insulation testing is very important for maintaining safety of user and equipment. Deterioration of insulation voltage below an acceptable point can sometime lead to hazards and electrical catastrophes. Hence standards demand the Insulation Testing of almost all electrical equipment, electrical products and their parts thereof. Insulation levels are different for different products and assemblies and are based upon their working voltage levels. Power Electronical PE‐HVT‐AM series of Automatic HIPOT testers are build to test the Breakdown voltage of Insulation Dielectric, while ensuring that the user safety is never compromised. These testers are completely Automatic in operation…just program/select the test sequence…press Start…and the entire procedure is completed automatically including the Reset operation and printout! Power Electronical HIPOT testers come in the largest variety of options AC, DC, AC&DC, and in a variety of Voltage (0‐500kV) and Current (0‐500mA) levels, to cater to different requirements of customers


Input / Output

  •  Power Supply- Single Phase AC 200V‐250V, or Single Phase AC 90V ‐150V
  • Voltage output- Continuously variable 0‐FSV (steps of 0.01% of FSV)
  • Display Voltage accuracy- 1% + 2 digits (“True HV-HIPOT test”)
  • Trip Current- programmable from 10% to 100% of FSV current, in steps of 1%
  • Current Display- 100pA to FSV
  • Display Current accuracy- 1% + 10 digits
  • Insulation Resistance- 10MΩ to 10TΩ


  • Size- 450mm(W)×310mm(D)×360mm(H)
  • Gross Weight- 50kgs (including accessories), except packing

Programmable Parameters

  • Stand time- 0 to 10 mins
  • Test time- 0 to 10 mins
  • Break Sequence- 10 break sequence (eg. go to 10kV>hold for 5 mins>go to 20kV>hold for 4 mins>go to 30kV>hold for 3 mins>go to 40kV>hold for 2 mins>go to 50kV>hold for 1 min>end test) 
  • Voltage Ramp‐up- 1kV/sec to 5kV/sec (variable in steps of 0.5kV/sec)
  • Sequence Repetition- 1 to 10 times

Safety systems

  • Interlock for Zero start
  • Auto trip and reset


  • Operating Temp- -10°C to +60°C
  • Humidity- < 90% non‐condensing
  • Test equipment – 1 no
  • High Voltage Insulated test probes – 1 set 
  • Crocodile pins – 2 nos 
  • Connecting AC mains cable – 1 no 
  • Printer roll – 1 no (already loaded) 
  • User manual – 1 no 
  • Test certificate – 1 no 
  • Warranty Certificate – 1no (Standard warranty 1 yr)