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High Voltage Test Systems (HIPOT Tester)

High Voltage testing equipment are necessary for any HV/EHV substation equipment testing, Panel testing, Cable testing etc. Application of high voltage or rated voltage to the test object exposes any chinks in the insulation quality. HV Breakdown testing or High-Voltage Proof testing is one of the most commonly used methods to check insulation levels that any equipment can sustain, without a flash-over taking place. Power Electronical designs and manufactures advanced High-Voltage test equipment (also called HIPOT Testers) that are used by utilities and industries worldwide to guarantee a shock-proof life! We have a very wide range of HIPOT Test equipment ranging from 500V to 500kV, available in power ratings ranging from 100VA to 100KVA. The control panel can be customized for different applications as per customer needs, while the HV system measurement accuracy and Operator and Equipment safety remains uncompromised.