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Manual Capacitance & Tan-Delta Test System [ Up to 15kV, 500mA]



  •  Customizable model (up to 15kV-500mA)
  • Tan-Delta accuracy of 1 X 10-4
  • Low Dissipation factor Reference Standard Capacitor of 1 X 10-5
  • UST, GST and GSTg testing modes
  • Open Ground Indication
  • HT Cut- off on overload.
  • All operating controls are at earth potential


Power Electronical Manual Capacitance and Tan-Delta Test System (Model HVTD-XX/YYY) is a customizable model according to customer needs up to 15kV-500mA, it has inbuilt HV Power Source, Standard Capacitor (SF6 Gas Filled), and set of cables. The compact design of the system uses the principle of three winding differential transformer on a high permeability mu-metal core to measure the Capacitance of the object and its Tan-Delta value accurately.

The Capacitance & Dissipation Factor (Tan-Delta) Test System is contained in a sturdy metallic housing with mu-metal lining which shields it from external electromagnetic & electrostatic influences. Built-in battery powered Null indicator makes the system suitable for operation in workshop, factories, High Voltage Switch Yards etc. It is suitable for both grounded as well as ungrounded objects.

The system is provided with High Voltage Protection Devices which protect the system and operator against failure of test object or standard capacitor.


  • Transformer testing
  • Testing Bushings, CTs, PTs, etc. at substations
  • Testing Rotating machines (LV Motors/Generators) on-site