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High Voltage SF6 Gas Filled Standard Reference Capacitor


PE‐SCGF‐100/50​ is a SF6 gas filled standard capacitors with highly accurate and reliable insulation. The results reflect a true advantage in high voltage measurements especially at high humidity levels. The SF6 insulated Standard Capacitor is also used in conjunction with our Capacitance and Tan Delta measuring bridges (e.g. PE‐ACDF‐1, PE-HVTD-12/100 & PE-HVTD-XX/YYY ) as a comparison standard for exact measurements of the Capacitance and Tan‐Delta of HV equipment like cables, transformers, bushings, capacitors, etc.

The capacitor is provided with a top electrode which allows partial discharge free interconnections to the other elements of the HV circuit. The SF6 insulated standard capacitor is designed for indoor service and is portable.

Insulated Standard Capacitors are indispensable in every modern high‐voltage laboratory and test field where it occupies a wide range of important functions. The SF6 insulated standard capacitor is used as Capacitance standard in measuring bridge circuits to measure the Dielectric Dissipation Factor (Tan‐δ) of all types including cables, capacitors, bushings, instrument transformers and power transformers.

Furthermore, it can be used as high‐voltage capacitor for voltage divider circuits for high‐voltage transformer test. The SCGF series standard capacitors can also be used as the high‐voltage section of a capacitive divider. This allows high accurate voltage measurements e.g. such as those required for loss measurements on power transformer.

The standard capacitors of the SCGF series are used for:

  • Exact measurements of the capacitance and tan delta
  • Exact measurements of AC voltages (AC divider)
  • Applications involving Partial Discharge measurements (requiring PD‐free coupling capacitors)
  • Rated Voltage- 100 kV
  • Test Voltage- 120 kV
  • Capacitance- 100 pF ±1%
  • Tan Delta- < 5×10‐5 (0.00001 or 0.001%)
  • Frequency Drift- < 1×10‐5 (0.00001 or 0.001%)
  • PD level- < 5pC
  • Gas Pressure- 350 + 50 kPa
  • Operating Temperature-  -5°C to +45°C
  • Humidity- < 75% RH
  • Temperature Coefficient- 3×10‐5 /°C
  • Pressure Coefficient- 2.2×10‐3/kPa
  • Standard Capacitor with top electrode- 1 no,
  • Dimensions- 1100mm (H) X 450mm (dia.) with base.
  • Mobile base frame- 1 no
  • Weight- 30kgs (approx.)
  • Test Report- 1 no

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