About Us

Power Electronical is a well known name in the Electrical Maintenance industry in India, Middle-East and Africa. We are also known for High Voltage Dielectric Diagnostic Products and Testing Services. We manufacture reliable and quality test systems, having state-of-the-art manufacturing facility & responsive service to our clients. We are market leaders in providing Test & Measurement solutions for Oil testing, Transformer testing, Generator testing, Motor testing, and testing of all other High Voltage / EHV electrical objects. We are also the Authorized Channel Partners Of ABB India for all EHV/MV equipment

Our Journey

Power Electronical was incorporated in the year 1998. The company was started by Mr. Bharat M. Tajne and is managed by a team of technocrats having vast experience and good knowledge of Electrical Testing Instruments in the insulation testing domain related to the Power and Electrical industry. The company is headquartered and registered in Nasik, which is an industrial town in close proximity to Mumbai & Pune, India’s main cities. Subsequently, the company and our products gained good recognition in the market and we thought we needed to offer more to our ever demanding customers. That is when in 2001 we conceptualized entering the Services domain, RLA of HV/EHV Equipment. Today we have a NABL accredited Oil Testing laboratory, and a team of experienced professionals handling site testing and calibration services. The team grew from strength to strength and we today are a team of 40 professionals and 360 plus customers and growing.

Founder & MD- Mr. Bharat Tajne

Message from our Founder & MD

We would not have been able to spell consistent sUccess without “U”. The “U” encompasses all our esteemed customers, our committed professionals, our reliable supplier chain, and all our well wishers. A simple thanks to all of them would be just a token, but a real thanks to them would come by delighting them further. It is my firm belief that the base of any foundation has to be broad, of good quality, and has to be tendered to properly at the infancy stage, to build a tall structure on it. We were so far doing the same way – improving design capabilities, enhancing reliability of products, training our team, providing optimum resources, building good relations with our existing customers, etc. Now we have started building the business vertically, and have a challenging growth target of turnover exceeding 50% annually. One of the two main components of the business growing vertically will be our aggressive foray in the Mid-East and Africa markets, both in the products and services division, and introduction of a complete automated range of products for our customers. We would not let your advice, comments, feedback or just simply some appreciation go unnoticed. Write to me personally if you want to reach me at bharat@powerelectronical.com


Mr. Sharad Tajne

Service- Head

Department: Service
Specialized field:

Mr. Ameet Choughule

Business Development Head- Services

Department: Services
Specialized field: Rotating machines health and life assessment, Analytical algorithm development for them
Experience: 19 years

Mr. Chetan Patil

Liquid Dielectric Testing Laboratory- HOD

Department: Liquid Dielectric Testing Laboratory
Specialized field: Condition monitoring, testing and analysis of dielectric liquids.
Experience: 15 years

Mr. Manoj Goverdhane

Field Service Execution Head

Department: Services
Specialized field: Design and building of testing equipment, electrical troubleshooting and project management. Testing of transformer, substations equipment and rotating machines.
Experience: 18 years

Mr. Yatin Yeola

Operations & Business Development Head- Products & Calibration

Department: Products & Calibration
Specialized field: Design & development, manufacturing, operations,  supply chain management, lean management and SAP. 
Experience: 22 years