Clientele / Distributors
We have a large base of clients, some who have not been represented on this page either for privacy reasons, or because we were constrained in space in accommodating all of them. For us, no client or customer is big or small; they are treated all the same. If you have been delighted working with us and would like to see your company logo here, please send us a jpg/bmp/gif/tif image at and we will create additional space to show it off. We will feel proud that you give us this honor!!
We are interested in increasing our business coverage by inclusion of partners sharing similar growth and value philosophy. Our present focus areas are Mid-East, Africa, and SAARC countries, and if you are from this regions, then please go to the CONTACT US page and pen down your contact details there, or write to for an even quicker response. We value your interest in doing business with us. Thanks!!
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