Oil Dielectric Breakdown Voltage (Oil BDV) test systems
The dielectric breakdown voltage test is an important test to determine the withstanding capacity of any insulating oil or liquid. There is a degradation of transformer oils or ingress of moisture and it is necessary to test the insulating oils periodically. BDV test is one of the most common tests done on all Insulating fluids, but a very critical one. Breakdown (BDV) test is a test of choice because it takes very less time to conduct and is a precursor to the condition of the insulating liquid, before carrying out extensive series of tests. Power Electronical offers accurate Automatic Oil BDV Test sets and Motorised Oil Breakdown testers in variety of maximum test voltages
PE-AOBDV-MXXX - Automatic Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester
PE-AOBDV series of Automatic Oil Breakdown Voltage Testers are highly precise instrument, which can be used to conduct either a breakdown voltage test or do a proof (withstand) test. Usual available automatic test sets only perform the former function, but PE-AOBDV-AM can do both.
- Available in 100kV (M100), 80kV (M080) and 60kV (M060) versions.
- World’s only “True BDV set”
- “Most accurate test set”. 1% BDV Accuracy. 0.01kV BDV resolution
- Programmable Stand, Stir and Intermediate stand
- Programmable voltage ramp rate
- Proof test possible with multiple break sequences
- Repetitive test sequence (up to 99 iterations)and average readings (from first to last)
- Non-contact magnetic stirring
- User and object information included
- Touch panel Backlit big LCD screen for enhanced user interface
- Integrated Dot-Matrix Printer
- Vacuum cast resin HV transformer designed very long life
- Internal memory for 100 test data storage and recall via USB port
- Included IEC 60156, ASTM D877, ASTM D1816, UNE 21, BS 5730a, BS 148, BS 5874, VDE 0370, NFC 27, CE1344, OCT 6581, SABS 555, AS 1767, STA 8286, IP 295 standard test sequences
- Programmable 5 custom test sequences as per requirement
- High Voltage 100kV digital meter 1% accuracy available for on-site calibration
PE-OBDV-MXXX – Motorised Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester
PE-OBDV series of Oil Breakdown Tester are available in a variety of maximum test voltages, denoted by their suffixes in kV. Suffix M060 means – 0-60 kV AC (max BDV voltage) Suffix M080 means – 0-80 kV AC (max BDV voltage) Suffix M100 means – 0-100 kV AC (max BDV voltage) PE-OBDV-6 is a precise instrument, which is applied to accurately measure the dielectric breakdown voltage of the Oil under test. It consists of the high AC voltage generating unit, and the Oil vessel (as per applicable standard)
- Smooth operation from zero potential to FSV with motorized operation. Tests at power frequency itself.
- Accurate trip current
- Precise HV trip Voltage measurement, Voltage hold after trip
- Non-contact magnetic stirring 
- Digital display output 
- Epoxy coated, long life HV transformer for reliable life-long operation
- Open Ground interlock, Reset interlock for equipment protection
- HV chamber interlock, Zero Start interlock, Overload & Short-Circuit interlock for operator protection
- Can be used to test specimen as per IS 6792, IEC 60156
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